First we'll calculate baseline risk.

This is the risk of either having a stroke in patients with atrial fibrillation. It's calculated based on some big population-based studies of patients with atrial fibrillation who took no blood thinners for it.

History of Congestive Heart Failure Yes (+1)
History of Hypertension Yes (+1)
Age ≥ 75 Yes (+1)
History of Diabetes Mellitus Yes (+1)
Prior history of stroke or TIA Yes (+2)
Baseline Stroke Risk % Risk Stroke Per Year

Next, we'll determine risk reduction.

Just select which medicine to take:

Risk Modification
Warfarin compared to Aspirin
Warfarin compared to Placebo
Risk Reduction % Risk Reduction
Final Stroke Risk % Risk of Stroke Per Year

Your Risk and Risk Reduction:

  • Baseline Risk
  • Amount Risk Reduced
  • Final Risk
  • Hemorrhage Risk
Personalized NNT:
NNH (Hemorrhage):